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How To Build Authority Online (When You’re New)

We’re new to the game of blogging and we want to build online authority, we just need to figure out how?

What is Online Authority?

Online authority, means establishing your presence online as an expert in your niche.

As part of my research, I’ve read a lot of posts about building online authority.

And while all these posts are great.

We as new bloggers need to remember where we’re starting from, point 0.

We’re new to all this, we’ve just bought a host and launched. Yay, us.

But then what?

No one’s blowing up our email, asking us to speak at an event, co-write a book, collaborate, or wanting our affiliate code to sell our digital product.

So, what do we do?

We work with what we’ve got; our content.

We need to build up our content with useful information that our target audience needs so that we’re seen as a trustworthy creditable blogger.

How Does Building up your On-line Authority Help You?

  • It helps you to rank higher in search engines, which means your on-line authority can put you on page one of search or beyond that.
  • Ranking higher means your topic of your content is seen and more and you could get more clicks on your page.
  • And more clicks on your page can help build your up your revenue.
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What’s All This Building Online Authority About?

It’s about growing your presence online with valuable in-depth researched topics that provide your audience with what they need.

You just don’t come in as a new blogger and BAM you’re the top dog on page one in a week, it doesn’t work like that.

And as with everything else involved with blogging, building authority takes time.

You see people start blogs and then fly by the seat of their pants and when everything takes longer than 2 days they want to whine and complain about how they’re not getting any views.

Well first, please don’t be that blogger and second, if the blogger would have done their research they would know it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year just for search engines to notice you.

Building authority comes between deciding on your niche and hitting publish for your content.

Because your content is your reputation and you need to build your reputation well.

So, like I mentioned before there are a lot of posts out there about building authority online.

But because you’re still new, we’re going to talk about the best way as a beginner to start building it up.

Let’s talk about E-A-T.

Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

E-A-T is used to measure a page’s overall quality.

Let me give you some back info on this.

Google has these guidelines and they hire evaluators to use this guideline for Search Quality Ratings.

Google itself says in this guideline that E-A-T is very important.

E-A-T guideline section 3.2.

And in section 3.1 of most important factors it states that it is “an important quality characteristic” after the purpose of a page.

E-A-T is an important quality characteristic, section 3.1.

If gives examples of High E-A-T content and even considers that “ordinary people may be considered experts…” and they will value “everyday expertise”.

E-A-T will value everyday expertise, section 3.2.

Then Google goes into High Quality Main Content which mentions E-A-T.

And then there’s Y-M-Y-L.

Your Money or Your Life

Y-M-Y-L Starts on page 11 of section 2.3 and talks about topics that have a high risk of harm because it could significantly impact some ones life.

Your Money Your Life section in search quality ratings guidelines, section 2.3.

Then Search Engine Roundtable has a post from the Hyung-Jin Kim interview about E-A-T applying to every single query.

Now let’s talk about ways to build authority.

Ways to Build Online Authority When You’re New

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If you want to be a blogger or creator of some kind of content on the world wide web you should know what is expected of you to build online authority.

These guidelines will give you insight to what search engines are looking for.

  • Then focus on writing high quality content.

If you don’t have content that provides value to someone who really needs, then what’s the point?

You need content before you can link to other sites, asks for backlinks, or start to rank.

Then if your content is good enough to bring users to your site consistently, search engines will take care of it from there.

  • Build backlinks.

Backlinks are when a reputable high authority site links to your site.

Basically, telling all its readers, “hey, here’s a site I trust and you can too, go have a look for yourself”.

Backlinks are like someone discovering you and you becoming a star overnight.

A backlink from a reputable site can boost your ranking, but they’re not just handed out all willy nilly, you’ve got to earn them with your content.

Which takes us back to E-A-T.

  • Link to authoritative sites.

Once you start pumping out that amazing quality content and linking to authoritative sites that relate to your niche, you can start asking for backlinks.

It doesn’t mean you’ll get them, but you can ask.

So, we’ve discussed ways to build online authority when you’re new but how do you become an expert in you’re niche to build up that authority?

How Do You Become an Expert?

Do Your Research!

And lot’s of it.

People are not coming to your blog because of your color scheme or because your logo is so cute, they’re coming because they trust you to provide them with valuable information.

And it all starts with your chosen niche.

Most bloggers start with what they know, which is the smart thing to do because they already have the skills and knowledge to share their everyday experience.

Remember Search Quality Ratings “everyday expertise”?

But it doesn’t stop there.

Everyday things are changing and new trends are happening.

You should be reading books, posts, articles, graphs, taking courses, and staying up to date on the latest trends in your niche.

Learning, reading and writing!

Because you can’t preach what you don’t know and if you’re just talking to talk and you add no value to what someone needs, they will go else where and get it.

That’s just business!

So do your research and study and provide your audience with knowledge, help, and guidance, to do what they came to your site to do.

Final Thoughts on Online Authority

I’ve given you valuable information and resources that as a beginner you need to focus on to build your online authority.

  • Create GREAT ACCURATE VALUABLE QUALITY CONTENT in your niche that your audience needs.
  • Know what you’re talking about, and what you’re telling someone is true and accurate to your best knowledge.
  • Check out your competitors.

Here’s how it goes, your doing some research and come across new information and say, “I need to create a post about that”.

Well good, create that post, just do it better with more information, in your own words with your own writing style.

Now, we all know as bloggers that stealing someone’s content and passing it off as your own is a big huge no-no.

But we’re not recreating the wheel here.

As I mentioned before things change everyday and new ways and information are always popping up, use it to benefit your users.

  • After you’ve gotten established in your writing, here are more ways to grow your on-line authority:

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Got any questions or comments about building on-line authority, leave it below.

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