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Blogging In A Niche You Know Nothing About?

You’ve decided to start a blog and you’re interested in a niche you know nothing about.

And your big question is, “should I blog in a niche I don’t know about?”

My big answer is, “that’s up to you?”

I mean, you can certainly blog if you’re not an expert at blogging.

But blogging in a niche whether you know about it or not, is not the problem, actually blogging about is, if that makes sense.

Blogging in a Niche You Don’t Know About

I can 99% bet that the reason you’re wanting to blog in a niche you have no idea about is because it’s a profitable niche.

A niche is the overall subject of your site, it’s the topic that all your posts will lead back to.

Everything has to flow together for your blog to make sense to search engines, in order to rank and serve you.

And in order to rank and serve you, search engines need to know that your content is high quality content that is useful to users.

And there it is: CONTENT.

That’s what blogging is about, creating content for your users to use.

You can blog in a niche you know nothing about all day but at the end of the day if that content is not useful to users, what was the purpose of blogging at all?

How Do You Figure Out if Blogging in a Niche You Don’t Know About is Worth It?

Okay, so let’s say you want to blog about food and you don’t even know how to cook?

Are you willing to learn everything about cooking to tell someone else how to make a meal?

Are you willing to shell out the cost for all the ingredients that you’ll probably have to buy over and over again trying to create your own recipe?

Because we all know that stealing someone else’s work is a big no-no, right? So, you will be creating your own recipes.

Are you willing to go up against the competitive competition that is out there to get to where you need to be as a food blogger to rank?

Is there something unique that you’re going to put a spin on so that you can compete in this niche you know nothing about?

Now, let’s just say you want to blog about finances.

Are you willing to learn the different ways to tell users how to save money, to buy a home, save for college, travel on a budget, invest in real estate or even retirement?

Where the best places to eat on a budget are? Where to find coupons for the grocery store? How to choose the credit card right for them?

Because that’s something that falls under Your Money or Your Life (Y-M-Y-L), which you need to know about because what you say can impact some ones health, happiness, safety and finances.

Now, let’s just say you answered yes to all those questions. 

You’re willing to learn what it takes, you’re willing to educate yourself and become the expert you need to be, to compete with what’s already out there.

So, now I ask you, “should you blog in a niche you don’t know about?

Will you be able to build your online authority as a trustworthy blogger in this new niche?

Are you ready for the work that is cut out for you?

Because you’re going to be doing a lot of it.

Blogging isn’t about blogging about whatever, throwing some words up, adding some affiliate links and sitting back to wait for the money to pour in.

It’s far from that.

There is a lot of learning, creating and researching that will happen.

And if you can put in the work, time and dedication to creating the content that users need, then yes, you should blog in a niche you know nothing about.

But Some Niches Are Not for Everyone

Writing about a niche you know nothing about but are willing to learn is awesome!

But some things just aren’t meant for everyone.

And you will need to be honest with yourself.

Can you be dedicated enough to this niche?

Final Thoughts on Blogging in a Niche You Know Absolutely Nothing About

Yes, it’s absolutely possible and doable to blog in a niche you know nothing about.

This is how I started with this blog, researching everything I could to learn how to blog for a food blog that I quit because I had no idea what I was doing.

And I love blogging about blogging; research, search engines, SEO, everything. I love it!

And I love providing my audience with what they need to know about blogging.

And I’ve made myself the expert that my users need.

And that’s why I did it, for my users.

So, you don’t have to have any knowledge about a niche before starting it and you don’t have to be an expert blogger to blog.

Whether you know anything about the niche or not, if you enjoy learning about it, then you’ll enjoy telling people about it!

So, what did you decide, are you blogging in a niche you know nothing about?

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